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Glasbin® is a gravity bulk bin for dispensing different types of food and dry products.

With its simple yet elegant design in combination with clever workmanship Glasbin® will allow you to dispense products of all varieties as for instance Cereals, Beans, Noodles or Rice.

All materials used for the Glasbin® satisfy highest demands on quality and sustainability and meet the requirements of the European Regulation on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Directives (80/590/EEC; 89/109/EEC)

The most striking advantages of our product would be:

  • The dispensing mechanism is easy to operate. Therefore the Glasbin® is ideal for self-service stores.

  • The dispensing mechanism of the Glasbin® is designed for self-closing.
    After operating the handle the dispensing of the product ceases immediately

  • The Glasbin® is easy to clean. It can be taken apart simply and quickly.

  • All parts can be cleaned with hot water and are dishwasher proof.

  • The Glasbin® can be disassembled simply and within a short amount of time.
    For reasons of safety and hygiene we use neither ply wood nor laminated wood for the parts that are in contact with food.

The Support

Well shaped support elements add to  the elegant design of Glasbin®.

  • The Glasbin® can be ordered as a single version or in sets from 3 to 7 units per row and level.

  • Self-supporting shelf’s, wall mounted supports and single supports can be provided.

  • The Glasbin® can be order in two sizes